We'd love it if you would have a wander through these pages to see what we have to offer. 

We hope to bring children into knowing and loving God as their lifelong special friend through providing opportunities for them to encounter Jesus during Sunday services,  midweek activities and weekend events.  Please let us know if there is something we could be doing to help your child (or you) to achieve this!
Team members:
Andrew & Lorna Brazell, Helen Thorpe.
First Steps – Parents, Babies, Toddlers Group:
Tuesday – 10.00am - WSUC—Contact Office
10.30 am—Sunday Morning Worship
KS1: 0-4's for our youngest to enjoy some songs and stories – as well as plenty of toys at the back of the worship area.
KS2: If you are Year R to Year 6 this is the place for you. Here we discover God's message for each of us through games, art and craft as well as through the bible. We often split into age-appropriate groups.
KS3: If you are Year 7 and above then come and hang out at the coolest place in church.
For further information on any aspects of Junior Church, speak to:
Sharon & Steven Tayfield or Lorna & Andrew Brazell. click here to email